Alice Tragedy goes four-oh-five

Out of the blue (and as if I didn’t have enough to do, in fact) I jumped in for a short-notice, late-night poster design for an event organised by the 405 guys and sponsored by It’s taking place on January 14th at the Good Ship in London (guess what, the event is also on facebook!). The line-up is Luke Leighfield, House of Strange and Braindead Collective.
the 405 presents..

I was a little curious about the musicians I did that for, so I checked out Luke’s MySpace. Amazing! I got hooked. It took me 2.3 seconds to find out that you can download his album for free here (or also donate some money for it) and after ten minutes I was already singing along to Have You Got Heart?, the catchiest song on my playlist this week.

♫ Luke Leighfield: Have you got Heart?

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