Soft prose and dusty afternoons

The only reason why I want to be in love is so I can write really detailed beautiful texts. About love. really? yes, really. I’ve got (well we have got – but I’m not telling you yet what ‘we’ means) a very quiet, sweet project in the making. If we work hard, I reckon we could be done by the end of next year.
Slowly, but surely.
I hope it will be as slow and sweet and intense as Adam Gnade‘s work. Music. Poetry. Prose. What is this, really? he calls it “talking music”, when I listen to it I think of sand extending to the infinity, the blazing sun, piles of books. old curtains. I think of quiet winters in a motel, dark-green knitted hats, black coffee, hazy mornings.
Adam Gnade is talented, he is genius hiding behind words.


  • beardbread wrote:

    I stumbled on this googling adam gnade and i have to say you hit the nail right on the head. his work does something for me that nothing else does and i really feel all of right in my heart. i really wish more people knew about his stuff but maybe it’s better that way. i have his new cd and it’s the best he’s done and i’d hate to see him get too popular and lose his way like everybody does. sigh

  • His work reminds me a little of Bukowski, actually. It’s almost like slam poetry with a slow rhythm. It’s true, when I find a truly amazing person like this I am torn between wanting to share him with the world, and being scared he is discovered by ‘the wrong people’..

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