Catching gold

Sadly for me, I am too interested in music not to eagerly be on the lookout for new bands on a weekly basis.  I’ve slowly learned my lesson, and stopped taking into consideration every band recommended to me by (=recommendation fail, by the way), music blogs, or by friends. In that big, loud world that is the world of the music industry, there is, let’s be honest, a lot of boring or downright bad stuff and sorting out through the good, the bad and the ugly takes time. Every time I make a music discovery which gets me very enthusiastic, I am amazed because it is almost like a little local miracle. I felt like that when I came across Sjur Lyseid’s genius with The Little Hands of Asphalt; it took my breath away and pretty much made my musical year. But enough about Sjur, I think the extent to which I am in love with him is in the decision I took to found, with Ben from Lazy Acre Records, an “I want to touch Sjur Lyseid” facebook group. haha. (shh.) The point is this: New music. I’m up for it, always, and I’ll trust bloggers or labels enough to spend some time with new material they’ll provide me with, but am a little skeptical when listening.
I was sent some Pipedream EPs. I wanted to have it running in the background while working. Before the first song was over, I’d moved to turn up the volume. I don’t know what caught my ear in Pipedream, maybe the clean vocals, the balanced melodies and a production that wasn’t overdoing it, but wasn’t sloppy either.
Funnily enough the chorus of It’s All Inside reminds me of Uno Møller Ch‘s music and voice. Halfway through the song, the chorus breaks out into a controlled explosion of voices and layered instruments which ends as quick as it started.
Reminiscent of the late Dredg with a hint of Circa Survive, Pipedream are catchy without being repetitive. Recommended if you’re getting bored of listening to your records over and over again.

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