Wanna Play Vienna?

The guys over at WannaPlayVienna LOVE unsigned bands. The point of their event, taking place every third monday of the month at B72, is to give these bands some exposure. I’m not a huge fan of shows like this, because I’ve gone to a few (back in the day) and I’m sorry to say that a lot of the bands had been chosen by a deaf jury, or something. But since life happens to surprise you when you least expect it, I went there waiting to be unimpressed by a couple of musicians strumming their guitars, and spent the evening enthusiastically nodding along to the first band on stage: Sequence of Tenses, a mixture of Cats on Fire, Interpol and a few drops of Kings of Leon.

It’s tricky these days to stand on a stage and not be considered as „yet another group that sounds like this and that band“ – somehow Sequence of Tenses managed it, to the extend where I would have begged them for a demo cd (which I, in fact, did).  Let’s wish them luck and hope that these guys from Salzburg can release something soon – it will definitely be worth your money. The second band on stage were called – a name that was ironically fitting – Soopertrash, a 90′s electro-trash band that was a little bit overwhelming and loud for me that night. I was missing the playfulness and charisma in their serious music – then again, that kind of music is best enjoying a little intoxicated and asocial which I wasn’t at all, so I left after a few songs.
Considering how eclectic their tastes are, who knows what WannaPlayVienna will bring us next time? You can become their friend on facebook to get all the infos about upcoming performers and gig photos!

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