Work Ant and Busy Bee: of magical shows and exploding schedules

These have been some busy days.. Working two jobs, all the extra, on-the-side unpaid stuff I do which is related to music and art AND, on top of everything else, university work – it’s a little exhausting. Also, I find it difficult to concentrate lately. My mind wanders.
I’ve just finished designing a flyer for a Label Night from the awesome guys at Valeot Records, sadly I won’t be able to attend because Regina Spektor and Jenny Owen Youngs are playing on the same day *sigh* but it’s for the release party of Protestant Work Ethic, a really really good local band. In fact, one of the PWE guys (Simon Usaty) was on stage last night at subterrarium (one of the best venues ever! the beer is cheap, the people are great, the bands are awesome) with Werner Kitzmüller and David Schweighart, an improvised trio of three very different musicians getting together to make intense, heart-exploding music. They were often changing ‘roles’ on stage and exchanging instruments, all playing and singing in a very focused way.

Werner and SimonSimon and Werner

♫ Protestant Work Ethic: Weather Side

While we’re on the music topic, this week I also went to the Paper Bird album release show, which was excellent (more on this later) and I saw Sir Tralala live for the first time ever! trashy! Afterwards I hung out with Toph who brought me some super sexy Trouble Over Tokyo merch. I’m pretty sure you want some too since they’re super sexy, those shirts. yes? you want? go here! And because I was daft enough to not get tickets early enough, I missed out on the St. Vincent show earlier this week. HUGE FAIL. Here are some mind-blowing photos my friend Niko took. GRRRR! Instead, I finally went to Wanna Play Vienna so I suppose, as we say in italian: Non tutto il male vien per nuocere. (You should google this.) And, because I’m superwoman or something, I’m going here next weekend as part of the workshop I am doing at the Music University. I am so excited to get onto a train again even if just for a few hours!
That’s all for the music news. As for art, I had a huge stomach ache today so I missed out on this, however I managed to see a show at das Weisse Haus and the World Press Photo 2009 exhibit at Galerie Westlicht. I get a bit annoyed when being in a gallery with lots of people – apparently photography is the way to go on a saturday afternoon, it was CROWDED! – and so I rushed through some of the work, but the other exhibit had some great stuff, especially drawings. Gosh, I MISS DRAWING. I think I want to go back to drawing in pencil and charcoal and ink on really huge pieces of paper.

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