Bluebird Festival @ Porgy&Bess

It started out with Cloud Nine. They sounded like an old old band of old old ex-rockers with pretty bad lyrics and terrible everything. Why they were even in the line-up will forever be a mystery..
Wallis Bird was up next. I’d never heard of the band, had only googled and myspaced them shortly before the show to find out that they were irish and that it was a smooth and cute kind of singer-songwriter music. The second the front-woman was on stage, I felt this amazing energy. The band was lovely, she was absolutely over-the-top friendly, and the music was overall cute and engaging – though I didn’t feel that it was particularly smart or complex, but definitely nice to pass the time, to listen to in the background and, who knows? with some hidden gems in their record, too (like The Circle and Just Keep Going, both of which were played live)
SoKo – the reason why I was attending the show in the first place – did some french-accented cute stuff at the beginning of her set, like she had done in London a year ago. Back then it got my heart, this time a little less because, let’s be honest, when you confess your everlasting love for someone to said person (while staying polite and not obsessive) and that all they can do is nod like they don’t give a shit, well, you start to lose faith in that musician. I did, anyway. Furthermore, I was absolutely disappointed that she didn’t play any of the ‘goodcute’ songs from her mystery EP Not Sokute (an EP that was actually never released, but nevertheless found its way electronically halfway around Europe to all desperate I’ll Kill Her fans) and that there was way, way less energy on stage. I can understand people like Bryan Adams, who has been playing Summer of ’69 live for about 560 years, but SoKo really just started playing at gigs and finding an audience two years ago – I find it a bit excessive that she already acts like she is tired of ‘having to play I’ll Kill Her over and over again’. This said, the new songs, like Goodbye Paris, were really quite nice, but less full of humor and less real than many of her old. It seems like little SoKo stripped of her french accent, is really just an annoying self-centered diva who puts on a show and removes the cuteness mask the second she climbs off the stage.
Maria Doyle Kennedy was the last to play. She was backed up by a band which was technically good, but had not much texture or depth to the songs they were playing. She had a good energy and good voice, and she was rocking much more than SoKo would ever be able to, but I found it all a bit boring and it didn’t leave such a good or strong impression on me.

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