Girl’s favorite songs of the month (November)

Here we go again.

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Simple Man
(old skool rock; just addictive)

Coldplay: In The Sun (feat. Michael Stipe)
(a live version of Joseph Arthur’s wonderful song)

Brand Nubian: Time’s Runnin’ Out
(a really nice rap track, sort of melancholic; first heard it in the movie Slam with Saul Williams.)

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas: This is Me
(pop, super pop, extra sweet sugary with sugar on top-pop; it’s a gigantic guilty pleasure of mine and I don’t think I would have obsessed over that song so much if it wasn’t for Mr. Jonas. It also reminds me of my wonderful roomie Ana, and it’s a tribute to all the trashy girl-movies we’ve watched in our whole year spent in Norway.)

Stars: 14 Forever
(ambient-pop; It’s a lovely track, tainted with nostalgia, especially when the female voice comes in.)

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