hours long like days long like weeks

Sophia broke my heart the other night, totally and absolutely. I haven’t got much time to write about anything (or do anything that isn’t work in fact) these days, in my free hours at work I work on some secret project(s) which, äh, shall be revealed soon hopefully. But anyway, the moment this conference is over, I am heading back to absolute love for letters, paint, and plans for the future… (oh, and ART SCHOOL. oops.) Next week I get to jump on a plane and spend some time sitting “à la terrasse d’un café à Paris” (I HAD to write it in french, it wouldn’t have sounded good any other way) so I am mentally preparing myself and listening to a lot of Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg… and of course, to the Parapluies the Cherbourg soundtrack. God, my mom would hate me if she knew.

I love how fake the part with the bike is.. damn, this is glorious. I have a sudden urge to watch it for the 15 millionth time now!

Oh and just for the record: Happy Coffee Day!

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