Of Birds and Moons

A real quick entry before I’m out of here to get on with my work (lots of applications due before october 1st, and working full-time the rest of the week, ufff). My best friend dragged me to the Wallis Bird show last night. He is obsessed with her and though I liked her too when we saw her on stage at Porgy & Bess last year, I think I get easily and quickly irritated standing through a whole show of that type of music. But he was so enthusiastic and I had such a great memory of her being lovely.. and yesterday, she didn’t deceive. She was just as friendly as usual and also genuinely puzzled as to why her gig was sold out. Cute. I didn’t like many of her new songs (To My Bones was amazing though!), but it was still very intense. (and hot!) There was a gigantic guy in front of me, as usual, but I still managed to shoot randomly and get this nice picture.

Wallis BirdThat’s when a 50mm lens is useful during gigs :)

Last thursday, I went to see Sweet Sweet Moon at transporter. It was the EP release show and, oh, though the moon was slightly obscured when seen last (at Rhiz, by two clouds named 6PM), I had felt something very lovely going on in my stomach and in my heart back then. So off to transporter it was. He filled up the whole place and I was so far away from the stage that it took me a good 2 minutes to realise that he wasn’t alone up there. Silly, I know. His voice fills me with absolute sadness and restlessness; he covered Beirut and Radiohead (I can’t listen to Thom Yorke and Beirut without thinking of MUSIC+HEARTBEATS now..) and went off stage way too soon. If you like really deep beautiful voices and have a thing for multi-talented musicians, go see him live if you can!
Little anecdote to finish this off: when I got to transporter I sat down next to a girl who, as it turns out, was Paper Bird. awesome, yes? She told me she’s playing a show in November because her new album is coming out very soon! This made me very happy. and there’s more to get excited about.. Like Niko‘s opening on Sunday at phil as part of the Ink Music Week (be there or be square. seriously! he is my partner in crime and an amazing photographer) and…next week! Next week = Paris. I’m going to see Chris again! It has been way too long, almost a year. He’s going to play at La Maroquinerie; I’ve been looking forward to this for the whole summer, pretty much.

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