Girl’s favorite songs of the month (October)

Here’s my favorite songs for this month. A lot of cute and upbeat, some slow and heartbreaking..

Katzenjammer: A Bar in Amsterdam
(very cute, energetic and sing-along folk rock from Norway)
VNV Nation: Beloved
(industrial; totally amazing and moving, and it reminds me of panda)
Cat Power: Good Woman
(slow and acoustic; one of Cat Power’s most touching songs)
Infant Sorrow/Russell Brand: Inside of You
(comedy ballad; oh, this song is slightly hilarious, but at the same time kind of sweet. Too sweet. so sweet, your teeth will fall off if you have too much of it.)
Hey Rosetta!: Psalm
(I can’t remember how I found this band, but when I listened to their album this song totally stood out, and I played it over and over until my ears were full of it)
Jack’s Mannequin: What Gets You Off?
(piano rock; it’s sort of a sexy, easy listening song about desperation without sounding desperate.)
Death Cab for Cutie: Earth Angel
(this song was already brilliant in one of the best movies of all time – I am speaking, of course, of Back To The Future – but covered by one of my favorite bands… well, it’s just perfect.)
Frightened Rabbit: Keep Yourself Warm
(yet another indie band; the lyrics are slightly bitter and before you know it, you are humming, it takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm)
Nada Surf: Hyperspace
(pop-rock; around the time of the Nada Surf Concert, I went into a Nada Surf frenzy. It’s difficult to pick just one favorite, but I think I was listening to this one unusually much. I think I just really love the title.)
Ólafur Arnalds: 3055
(modern classical; a beautiful instrumental piece that just fills your ears and keeps you on the edge. I can’t wait to hear it live, it must be amazing..)


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