Oh, Yoko

For as long as I can remember, my mother has been telling me how much she dislikes Yoko Ono. I suppose that since the Beatles were her generation and she was a big Beatles fan, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise; after all, most Beatles fans (female teenagers) in the 60s hated the fact that John Lennon had found his one and only. I must say I’ve never cared much for her art, some of it, in fact, I thought was just downright annoying. Something that disappointed me on my museum tour in Oslo was her recreation of an earlier performance of hers; why redo something which could have shocked 30 years ago, but doesn’t anymore? I did, however, buy her book Grapefruit years ago. It’s subtle and naive like a child discovering the world. Some of the pages were exhibited at the Venice Biennale this year (more on this later) and it made me a little bit happy. I’m thinking of doing a Grapefruit tribute someday; one Yoko Ono piece a day.
This got me thinking of other famous Yoko’s. Like Yoko Tsuno – one of my favorite readings when I was a young and avid comic reader – or the Beulah album Yoko, the first one I had ever heard and the one I played on repeat when I was 18 or so. Here’s a mini Yoko playlist. Enjoy.

John Lennon: Oh Yoko!
Barenaked Ladies: Be my Yoko Ono
the Beatles: The ballad of John and Yoko
Beulah: Hovering
..But Alive: Ich werde sie Yoko Ono nennen

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