(((DIV))) + brain managerz @fluc

the brain managerz played first.
Now, I’ve seen them play in various locations and I have to admit fluc – even though it’s a good location in itself – could never have compared to the motorradwerkstatt @WUK or to the amazing setting of a Stone Quarry (where they performed this summer); a lot of people seem to underestimate the location for a gig, especially young bands. As long as they play anywhere and everywhere it’s good enough. Understandable for bands who want to make it big, which isn’t the case of the Brain Managerz – I think so, anyway. This is neither a young band (well not quite as young as the high-schoolers and university students out there) nor a band whose primary aim is to be a piece in music industry’s puzzle. And an amazing thing is that when they are on stage, they just have so much fun; they enjoy doing what they do and that’s enough to them. It really isn’t about how perfect the melodies are or about how certain lyrics will make the audience feel, but about doing your own thing and actually making it work. So the few times that the guitar is a little out of tune or that the lyrics are difficult to make out are largely made up by the enthusiasm, by Steve’s voice (really powerful and amazing, in a trashy-grungy, Kurt Cobain kind of way) and by the versatility of the band. Uncomplicated, with (good) awkward lyrics.

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