Monthly Archives: January 2013

You are in love with me

I sure wish summer was right around the corner; but since we’ve got a fair amount of months to go before we can really see the sun again, all that can be done is filling my ears with Shannon Whitworth‘s new track You Are In Love and pretend I’m somewhere far. The Northern Carolina native, […]

Reuben Hollebon’s Clutch

Some people manage to hit the nail right on the head and get you in the right place at the right time. As with all wonders, sometimes you tend to be looking elsewhere and miss them, and what you need are playful shoves or friendly reminders that if you pass up this opportunity, it’ll most […]

One day I will catch you.

Been chasing you for days, sings Crooked Hands vocalist Christopher Brown at the beginning of the band’s haunting debut single Under. The main melody, an atmospheric piano tune, keeps the song well-anchored to the ground and fills it with beautiful, catchy harmonies as the vocals and reverberating guitars shoot off into the sky. This is […]

Too many moles, too many knives

A little over a month ago, I headed to Prague on a very short and very sweet bus trip. I had not been there for a few years and if there was one thing I had forgotten about it, it was the curious popularity of the little mole Krtek, which I vaguely remembered from my […]