Monthly Archives: July 2012

Frisco’s busy bees

Canadian-born Kalle Mattson could just as well be hailing from Scandinavia; his look, his enigmatic-sounding voice and the light, airy folk he plays made me, wrongly, place him somewhere between Sweden and Denmark and are probably far from reminding anyone of San Francisco, where his video Water Falls was filmed. Though a little head-spinning, the […]

Sound It Out

The week before last, I watched Sound It Out, the documentary about the very last record store in Teesside in the UK. I was a little curious, as I’d heard and read enthusiastic reviews of the movie, describing it as “heart-warming” and “hilarious”, and so I built up some expectations, imagining over-the-top romanticism, a plot […]

Baby, would you marry me?

I saw Svavar Knútur play last year as part of the more ‘alternative’ program at Waves Festival. This duet with Marketa Irglova is apparently going to open his new album, and it’s almost unbearably cute.

you’re the train that crashed my heart.

Yes, I am one of those people that didn’t understand the Bat For Lashes hype years ago; I listened to Horse and I on repeat in 2007, you see, and didn’t understand it at all. I could have stared at her face all day and would probably have bought the Two Suns record just for […]