Monthly Archives: May 2012

the weight of a promise

If you’ve ever tried to draw on skin – and, with all those cool colorful felt tips you had as a child, I bet you have – you’ll know what a bizarre canvas it is. Skin stretches and moves, it sinks lightly under the pens and almost soaks up ink and if you look very […]

bleeding swans and crying fingers

There is a secret place we all call “Grandma’s House”; hidden among fields and forests in Eastern Norway, it’s a small white settlement that has become a base for some mysterious musical performances to the local youth. The darker, the better.. When I was first given the Twin Pines Mall demo, years ago, I remember […]

Laundromatic Shows

The lovely Luke Leighfield never really needed an introduction on this blog as I’ve been familiar with his music for almost three years now. With the release of his new album behind him, he has started a small tour taking him through some of mainland Europe, including Austria. So tonight is the night! He is […]


I’ve got the most wonderful crush on Richard Siken‘s poetry. I discovered him last year, or the year before last, and have completely dipped my heart and soul into his amazing little book Crush (how fitting). His style is so heavy and tragic, but playful and light at the same time; it completely destroys any […]