Monthly Archives: April 2012

Dark Parts

Yes, I’m one of those people who swooned when Put Your Back N 2 It came out, because it’s beautiful and delicate and a little different from Learning, a bit more complex, maybe, or easier to delve into.. Yesterday, this video for Dark Parts, one of my favorite tracks from the new Perfume Genius album, […]

On Inventing and Principles

Right before the weekend, I came across a link to Bret Victor‘s talk Inventing On Principle from nungee and made a mental note to watch it whenever I had some distraction-free time. Bret Victor‘s name was familiar to me already through his involvement with apple and software design, and I was curious to see just […]

A childhood recipe: Strawberry Spring Risotto

Hello. This very cute kid in the photograph below, attempting to build a sandcastle on a beach on the French Riviera in autumn in the early nineties, happens to be me. There are quite a few things I recall from those times: the constant physical assaults on and from my little sister (siblings are the […]

Riots: video

The gorgeous and quiet Uno Møller has recently released his new album Silent Riots, which you can get a hold of on Amazon (among other places). He was on tour with partners in crime Team Me in the last month, doing shows in New York City, at SXSW and at various other locations scattered across […]