Monthly Archives: January 2012

you’d never call me baby, if you knew the truth.

Oh, the loveliness of Perfume Genius! It’s so bizarre to see he’s come so far since his debut, in fact, no, since before his debut, when he didn’t have a name or an album and people thought his music had been put out on the internet post-mortem. I love this song, it’s so heartbreaking. I […]

let’s have some coffee, and talk about poetry.

In an ideal world, diver would by now need little introduction. After an intense 2011, full of homebound shows and gigs abroad, co- and headlining and playing in art galleries, a music museum, in theaters and clubs of various shapes and sizes, they’ve become the troubadour shining star of house Ink. Sadly, on many blogs […]

Korea, I Suppose

Well hello, 2012! I’ve been back from China for a little while now, where I had to battle a mean cold, strange looks in the subway for not looking Asian, and my inability to communicate. But rejoice world, for I am back on the blog with a million thoughts and news, some good new year’s […]