Monthly Archives: October 2011

Fail Whale Sweetness

I love chocolate cake. I’ll shoo away a three-layer cream monster anytime for a very basic, intense chocolate cake; it took me years to find the perfect recipe. People seem to believe that chocolate cakes have to be extremely sweet, but they really don’t have to be. This recipe of mine is adapted from a […]

can you hear silence?

Remember the good old mixtapes? I still have some at my parents’ house, stacked away in a shoe box, some with nothing but a note scribbled inside, others painstakingly accurate with tracklist and handmade cover. And speaking of mixtapes – I was featured on one. To introduce this mix, Analogue Monologues writes, “not knowing what […]


My little Zola-Jesus-obsessed self has been eagerly awaiting the first video from Conatus, the 22-year-old’s most recent release. Last week, the video to Vessel was released, and the first thing I thought when I saw the screenshot was, “Oh My. Bj√∂rk.” Her face with closed eyes buried in a psychedelic background reminded me of the […]

Life is fragile, today.

“We are reminded that life is fragile today.” A couple of days ago, the news some of us were already sadly waiting for came. And though they were expected, it didn’t hurt any less. It’s so easy to forget that the ones we love most, the ones we take for granted, will not be here […]