Monthly Archives: September 2011

Waves Festival: Kick-Off Preview

When the radio went on this morning, I growled and grumbled and then remembered: today is Waves opening day! I’ve been looking forward to this for a good month, even more so in the last week after finding out that with my pass, I get to attend the wonderful opening concert of Soap&Skin, whom I […]

At the heart of Autumn

This summer seems to never end. Last week was cold (I grumpily wore a wool sweater for the first time since March) and everyone in my immediate proximity (him & her, for example) seemed to be getting sick. I thought I was doomed for The First Big Cold Of The Season so I got ready […]

have you got anything at all?

A couple of days ago, Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders have released a split EP in which they cover each other’s songs. Jose had already collaborated with Luke on the beautiful New Season single and on the Bon Iver cover of Blindsided and clearly they’re a winning combination; what caught my ear first was how […]

Where Videogames and Typography meet

Remember how my beloved Team Me had a game set to their song Weathervanes and Chemicals? It was a very basic idea, and now the Japanese band Androp are taking it further by releasing their new single Bell with a videogame that is, at the same time, an interactive postcard. Not only do I love […]