Monthly Archives: August 2011

I was not magnificent

I don’t know where my fascination with Iceland came from. Maybe I could blame it on Bj√∂rk, on how, early on, I desperately wanted to see the country she grew up in; however that wasn’t all. Later, there was something that attracted me to glaciers, to beautiful still water and long, light summer nights. I […]

Ugly but Honest.

I’ve often wondered why people fear honesty so much; I have yet to meet someone who can embrace a painful truth. The problem with truths is that they can’t be undone. Whereas lies can be twisted, pulled apart and back together again, fading into greys, truths are often absolute, and being a person at the […]

Books From Boxes

I was listening to the radio this morning; dumbfounded from too little sleep, 6am sunlight flooding in through the windows above my head. Funny that it would be this morning out of all mornings, when a song which I had long forgotten about was played on the morning show. I sang along happily (and bitterly) […]

defeat statistics

Everything around us is quiet, except for some occasional snoring. I’m sitting on the kitchen floor in boxer shorts, my back resting against the counter; he sits facing me on his inflatable mattress, both of us with boiling hot tea mugs in our hands. It feels like the rest of the world has gone to […]