Monthly Archives: July 2011

Video of the Week #64

Earlier this week, the new Björk video directed by Michel Gondry, Crystalline, was released. I did not get around to watching it yet, as my attention span in front of a screen appears to be even shorter as usual nowadays. The new sleepmakeswaves video, however, managed to keep my eyes glued to the moving images. […]

Home is the place you miss.

It has been a very heavy and strange weekend; I was out buying film when the first mentions of the bomb explosion appeared on Friday afternoon. Somehow I was walking down the streets with Lupercalia in my ears, being oblivious to the music, trying to get in touch with everyone I knew who was in […]

On Perfect Love and Letting Go.

Slightly over a week ago, I was in a country I’d never been to before, spending more time with myself than I had in the last six months, with my eyes throwing themselves left and right, up and down, constantly, constantly moving to stare at all the beauty in the world. I wish I was […]

Video of the Week #63

Set in a world where robots and humans coexist, I’m Here is one of Spike Jonze‘s most beautiful and touching films. In it, he was able to portray very true and real feelings on screen, without falling into corniness – maybe because the characters are robots and so, though one identifies, the love story doesn’t […]