Monthly Archives: April 2011

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #9

Booking shows for an experimental music venue/association can be a weird thing; you come across people who you might have not heard of, but meeting them in person (or, say, picking them up at the train station to take them to aforementioned venue for soundcheck) can be fascinating. It doesn’t take long before you start […]

Bellman, move fast! (Spaceship, move slow)

It’s yet another sunny day, and I’ve been stressing and obsessing over this afternoon’s phone interview with Arne (also known as Bellman) who is currently in London with his brother and pianist to do a couple of one-off acoustic shows to slowly start promoting his new album (coming out in the UK on July 4th). […]

What If You Lived At IKEA?

I have an almost worshiping relationship to IKEA. Every trip to get a couple of screws and a plant turns into me realising I desperately need this flower-print kettle, a new butter dish, a pumpkin plant and about half a kilo of scented candles. Often, family trips to IKEA (where I’d mostly be examining the […]

The Wombats @ Gasometer

The Wombats might not be everyone’s cup of tea: three boys who, after having met at music school and having played together for years (as a matter of fact, I remember a good friend from high school getting me into their music, somehow, in 2003 shortly before we graduated), suddenly found themselves at the peak […]