Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sideline accomplishments: Madrid’s Poetry

I recently got back from a poetry/writing workshop, as you might have gathered from my senseless tweeting about rhythm exercises and such. Madrid is a city I love, for its freedom, friendly population, language that flows and rolls right off the tip of my tongue, for its big park and the Fallen Angel statue, for […]

Video of the Week #43

Often our memory tends to fail on us; I remember being a 13-year-old with dreams but I forget too easily the rest and how none of it was easy. Music really made its way into our lives then, carelessly, smashing everything to pieces, making us feel what there was to feel and, when we were […]

Freddie Lloyd vs. Matt Finney: the Constant.

One might remember me mentioning Winter, snowflakes, and Freddie Lloyd‘s new video over a month ago. The Constant has now been made available as stream&download on bandcamp; it features Matt Finney, and it’s gorgeous.

Where were you.

I get through a lot of band sites daily, and though some don’t really get my attention, once in a while my heart goes wow! Today I carelessly clicked on a link, expecting something acoustic and a little boring and instead I found a voice dark and deep like thick black coffee, light like snowflakes […]