Monthly Archives: December 2010


It’s almost the last day of the year and almost the last day of the Lazy Acre Records 405 takeover. There’s been some sessions and interviews here and there, and next up is Bellman, a young Norwegian I like a lot; mostly because of his music, but also because of his very lovely Scandinavian accent […]

Seeing horses on the asphalt

I could start my introduction by saying that I am a cheater sometimes and, though I try to limit myself to one video a day, in some cases I can’t get around to posting less than two; or I could tell you about my absolute despair in finding out that I wouldn’t be part of […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Music #5

This special installment of the regular favorite records feature is to celebrate the three years of Lazy Acre Records (and at the same time, my almost-one-year-anniversary working with them, but let’s not go astray..); though at times straying to fade into electronica and twee, Lazy Acre Records mostly deal with folk, singer-songwriter, and pop tunes […]

Lazy Acre Records: the 405 takeover

As a “sort of, yes, why not, kind-of-against-my-will-at-times-but-not-quite” collaborator of both Lazy Acre and the 405 (for whom I have written countless bad articles and shot approximately a million photos) I am truly excited about this takeover. The first couple of features are a Monzano interview (which you can read here) and a lovely session […]