Monthly Archives: October 2010

lovesongs and summer fun

I JUST got back from a little meeting at Lisa’s, where we took a look at the Robi Faustmann Band video-shoot photos I made, drank coffee, and chain-smoked. The raw video is done and it’s bloody gorgeous; everyone will love it. In the meanwhile, here’s a sweet video of them from last summer, looking absolutely […]

Singing Men in the Common Cold

“This is a song about meaningless sex”, says Cory Branan to introduce one of his songs. The crowd chuckles as if it was a joke, and I suppose in a way it is, but then a sad song comes along, leaving everyone astounded and self-reflecting. It’s a pretty cold October night and though winter’s waiting […]

Exploding distances; music love

I am literally bouncing off walls and unable to sit still, as I have just bought:1) Angus and Julia Stone gig tickets and2) train tickets to Munich. It’s exasperating sometimes that bands just will not consider Austria as a tour option and should prefer instead neighbouring countries Germany and Italy. But because I am HARDCORE […]

Rosie Jones and the Mystery Machine

Sometimes when it comes to albums, I have the (good? bad?) habit to “judge a book by its cover”. Rosie Jones‘ Greatest Hits, released on Got Got Need Records last week, is a twirl of sweetness with bright, mouth-watering illustrations for artwork; and the music is just as delightful as those colorful cookies. With vocals […]