Monthly Archives: May 2010

Raw and Emotional

So I’ve booked my flight out to London. finally! there are rumours of BSM Kev leaving the Oxford headquarters to come meet me (us) in the big English capital.. shhh, we’ll see.. Speaking of Big Scary Monsters, I’ll never stop showing endless love for amazing musicians like Kevin Devine, who has a fantastic voice, gorgeous […]

Video of the Week #6

because man always wanted to fly…  

I can’t kiss you but I want to.

I recently stumbled upon their work again. It makes me happy, and sad. these photo-comics feel very real…

necessary list-making

“list a song that reminds you of each lover you’ve had”: hm. I suppose this one is kind of personal, but let’s do it. “lover” is used sort of loosely here; some were (are) super important people in my life, others I’ve completely crossed out of my mind and heart. In some cases it wasn’t […]