Monthly Archives: November 2009

Soft prose and dusty afternoons

The only reason why I want to be in love is so I can write really detailed beautiful texts. About love. really? yes, really. I’ve got (well we have got – but I’m not telling you yet what ‘we’ means) a very quiet, sweet project in the making. If we work hard, I reckon we […]

Fucking Hell

I saw the work Fucking Hell by the Chapman Brothers in Venice this year. You can see a video here, it’s actually sort of terrifying. äh.Very well done, and obviously it brings their point across quite well, but being surrounded by huge glass cases with those meticulously-made figurines breaking into scenes of war was making […]


to the sound of the Silversun Pickups, who were amazing tonight. They were friendly without being excessively talkative, Nikki – the bassist – was quiet, cute, and to die for. You could hear little of the keyboard and of the vocalist’s voice, especially from the back which was were I moved to towards the end, […]

Wanna Play Vienna?

The guys over at WannaPlayVienna LOVE unsigned bands. The point of their event, taking place every third monday of the month at B72, is to give these bands some exposure. I’m not a huge fan of shows like this, because I’ve gone to a few (back in the day) and I’m sorry to say that […]