Monthly Archives: October 2009

Happy Coffin Nation: out soon

Happy Coffin Nation (part 3 of the Lost in my Beautiful Colorball: From me to myself EP series) by Uno Møller Ch will be out very, very soon for you to sip wine and cry to. Photo by Hanne Bjugstad Here’s the tracklist: 1) when you sleep, I hope 2) in the light of the […]

absolute excitement over nothing at all

There is an amazing amount of things I am wonderfully excited about as of RIGHT NOW. I will make a list of them: #1: the current student occupation at Uni Wien #2: Grand Archives posted tour dates and they’re coming back to Vienna. This means Mat Brooke love! #3: secret plans with Sweet, Sweet Moon […]

Song of the day: Dry Lips

I don’t know why I’m so much into it today. This one song by Lightspeed Champion really, really makes me think of Bloc Party – and, more particularly of Ion Square. Maybe the slightly upbeat feel to it, mixed with a similar voice. Anyway, it’s totally lovely. and catchy. And then when the female voice […]

desperation and open calls

So earlier today yesterday I got a really nice email from the guys over at Lazy Acre Records. It was mainly to say thanks for writing about Sjur Lyseid (who, I remind you in case you’d forgotten, I am absolutely in love with) here. I really love it when people take the time to do […]