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boy meets girl

this might actually work out. we’ll keep you posted, but as of now, it’s a little bit of a giganticosaurus secret

Oslo Museum Tour: Day One

On my various two-day trips to the Norwegian Capital, I went to the obvious tourist spots – Munch Museum, Botanic Garden, Vigelandsparken, and the cemetery where Ibsen is buried – but missed out on a lot of galleries and museums, mostly because of me being short of time and low on cash. I had almost […]

I thought life should be a chance to defeat statistics

This is easily one of the best songs ever written. seriously? I mean take a look at the lyrics pls: Why do we make it so hard? Why live our lives in distance? Why do we make it so hard? I thought life should be a chance to defeat statistics. I thought life should be […]


Since I got back from Oslo/Norway (yesterday, late afternoon) things have pretty much sucked – among various things, there was the Sigh & Explode show at Last Train last night and since the S&E norwegian booking has been quite sucky according to Tobias, they’ve only played very few shows since their debut album came out. […]