Monthly Archives: March 2009

ViennaFair 2009

I’ve got a weird relationship to the Vienna Art Fair – and to fairs in general. First off, I hate the amount of people there are all over the place. I get claustrophobia (or rather, agoraphobia I suppose) just being there for too long. Second thing, I really dislike the business part of art. I […]


Lukas Krenn played at our photography show. He reworked some of the songs we used as inspiration for our photos, and here is what came out of it: video courtesy of niko

Creative Writing; a fine frenzy

Today was my first Creative Writing class. I’m wondering how this semester will go because I feel like I am completely stuck on words at the moment. Even though I have never-ending love for dictionaries, I never use them. I never look things up. I feel I keep reworking new texts with old overused gorgeous […]