Monthly Archives: December 2008

Girl’s favorite songs of the month (December)

Morrissey: Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself? (new wave pop; his voice is of course so familiar and cosy like an old sweater. and ohh, I want to sing along so bad.) The Good Life: You Don’t Feel like Home to Me (indie; in a post last month, I had anticipated this song becoming […]

sample your heartbeat to stay alive

Sample your heartbeat to stay alive by the Scarabeusdream was hands down THE most amazing local ‘release’ of 2007. It’s a dark and intense album. I had to wait until the second time I saw these guys live to buy their demo, and I then listened to it for a whole week – so much, […]

the Hipster’s Guide to a very Merry Christmas

SEVEN DAYS TO GO… I have to admit that I have always been a fan of Christmas. When I was a kid, of course, I would always hope to see Santa coming down the chimney (because, yes, I belonged to one of those lucky families that had a fireplace). The only time I saw ‘him’, […]

if nobody speaks of remarkable things

I think I picked up this book more or less at random, on a bookshelf in London on a winter day, while I was waiting for my best friend to come meet me in the coffeeshop. I suppose I must have put it aside, and it got lost in my piles and piles of books […]