Monthly Archives: May 2008

Death Cab for Cutie: Narrow Stairs

If someone would have asked me days ago what I thought about Death Cab for Cutie‘s brand-new release Narrow Stairs, I would have attacked it, saying it was rubbish. But it grows on you like ivy, it really does. After the big April fool’s by German band Velveteen, there are still fake leaks of this […]

Nick Hornby: SLAM

Some parts in the novel really made me giggle. It’s written from a teenage boy’s point of view, and some of the characters that pop up somehow reminded me of Hornby’s novel About a Boy. I was expecting to discover a little more in-between the lines, though; the narrative jumps often between present and a […]

Lee Memorial

Earlier today, I received a message from Karl Smith of Sodastream (australian indie-folk band which broke up in 2007) to inform me that he had formed a new project called Lee Memorial. Lee Memorial also includes members from bands The Nation Blue, Ninety-Nine, Gaslight Radio and Paradise Motel. There isn’t much information on the band […]

they’ve got it covered.

I’ve just gotten around to seeing this article on the New York Post. I don’t agree with all of the choices, but the Postal Service‘s version of Against All Odds definitely deserves to be this high on the list…