Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Saddest Landscape: The Sixth Golden Ticket

We mouthed the words to all of the saddest songs because they felt like home and I watched you out of the corner of my eye and that smile you gave me launched one thousand beats of my heart. So you can lean a little harder I will take that weight from you, I will […]

Neil Gaiman: American Gods

Two weeks ago I finally started to read the book that Wisdom lent me in autumn (American Gods); I wanted to finish it before leaving to Finse. I’m always a bit careful when it comes to sci-fi, because it’s a genre I never really considered much and never thought I would get into. I have […]

Something Corporate: Straw Dog

…reminds me of the winter my grandma died. we drove through little northern Italy villages on an incredibly sunny sunday morning, it was around the time that the whole thing with Iraq started so there were rainbow ‘PACE’ flags hanging on all facades, and I was listening to that song on repeat and feeling like […]

clean getaway

Almost a year ago, I met this boy at this bar. I guess he’s the social type, because he started talking to me. Anyway, at the time I was listening to Maria Taylor’s new album a lot. A few months later, I left to Norway. So Clean Getaway – story of my life – tugs […]