Monthly Archives: February 2008

by:larm, part one

I have infiltrated the ranks of the enemy (the SYSTEM) to get free access to all the by:larm shows and seminars this week. I gave them a whole day of my life (I worked an 8am-1am shift with 2 hours of break in-between) and I got to see Jello Biafra ramble about the industry, Nancy […]

Narrow stairs

Death Cab for Cutie‘s “Narrow Stairs” is coming out on May 13th. I am so very fucking excited about it, it’s meant to be a little surprising, according to the bassist. we’ll see. I hope it’s better than Plans (which kind of deceived me a bit). Here is the track listing: 1. Bixby Canyon Bridge […]

kiss the marble house

Little over a year ago, I heard one song by the Knife, didn’t like it so much and then hated the hype about this band, so I just dismissed them as electro-one-hit-wonders.. but I saw the video to Marble House not so long ago, and absolutely loved it. Since then, I can’t stop playing that […]

Ian McEwan: On Chesil Beach

I finished this book earlier today. I didn’t actually have any expectations, because I’d never read a novel by Ian McEwan, I remember starting Saturday and never finishing it (I had bought it because of the cover and the back description, was then surprised to see it all over the place since I had never […]