Monthly Archives: February 2008

girl’s favorite songs of the month (february)

first part of what I hope will be a regular monthly post on this blog. The Appleseed Cast: Fight Song (post-rock; this gorgeous song feels like it was written for the minutes that come before a storm. It makes me want to jump off a cliff – in a good way – just to feel […]

free stuff

One of the good things about being stationed at the Christiania Hotel in Oslo during By:Larm was being able to cruise around on the first floor checking out various promotion tables. We got a lot of random free stuff, including demos. I listened to them and of course they’re QUITE bad (well, the LIPA and […]

Lykke Li @ Stratos (By:Larm)

Stratos. A very glamorous venue, in a way, considering that it’s delegates only (good thing I am in the staff and have a blue, all-access pass) and that it’s on the top floor of a building right in the center from which you can have a panorama of the whole city at night. Most of […]

by:larm, part two

List of the shows I saw at By:Larm 2008. I will be posting some reviews very soon click on the links for reviews of the shows. Friday Jello Biafra (spoken word) @ Mono Binärpilot @ Blå Bandit @ Sentrum Scene Lykke Li @ Stratos Ida Maria @ Sentrum Scene REST OF MY LIFE @ Gloria […]