Monthly Archives: November 2007

Shout out Louds/Lykke Li/Professor Pez @ Hulen

Lykke Li and Professor Pez were opening. I really liked Professor Pez’ energy a lot on stage, especially the girl who was playing the trumpet, she was amazing. In comparison, Lykke Li was really awful – she had this complete and utter arrogance on stage, she seemed uninterested in her audience and just focused on […]

how real is this?

so, of course, you were supposed to call me tonight you were supposed to call me tonight we would have gone to the cinema and, after, to the restaurant, the one you like in your street we would have slept together, have a nice breakfast together and then a walk in a park together, how […]

hello? saferide?

I discovered Annika’s music a few months ago. Her music is comforting, it’s heartbreaking, it’s cute. She doesn’t use metaphores, she says things straight out. In 3 minutes, she builds webs of invisible connections through characters – people who have a real, real life. When I listen to Hello Saferide, I turn into a mid-twenties […]

song crushes: part three

I really can’t help it. I take the bus every morning to go to school and at least at some point during the 15-20 minute bus ride, I have to listen to Belle Epoque‘s Il est trop tard. That song is just so amazingly beautiful, it just kind of loosens up all butterflies in my […]