Monthly Archives: October 2007

josh woodward – or the philosophy of free music

I’m not so sure how I found him. Maybe browsing through a couple of bad indie rock singers on the internet, or following link after link as I tend to do when boredom kicks in on a sleepless night. The point is, Josh Woodward uses the World Wide Web to his advantage: offering his music […]

indie night, hosted by yours truly

I kind of landed a dj job here in bergen. shittily paid, but it’s paid. friday is my first day. I’m excited.

basia-spotting, shows and CANADA.

A few days ago, I spotted “Oh, My Darling” in a record store. This morning, dear Anna informed me that Basia Bulat‘s Before I knew was being played on FM4. these are the sort of things that make me truly happy. Others are shows with my sexy friends. especially italian+scandinavian bands playing abroad. so, I […]

sketchbooks and things

I’ve added some stuff over at (alice)tragedy[dot]org. sketchbook things and an audio piece, feedback (here or in the guestbook) would be very much appreciated, thanks.