Monthly Archives: September 2007

song crushes: part two

Dusk sets in. It’s the end of summer; or maybe the beginning of autumn, with tree leaves paving the streets. It’s a small flat; the window is open, just slightly, just enough to let the breeze in. there’s a mobile hanging in front of the glass, little silver stars that tinkle with the wind. the […]

Friday, I’m in love.

I know that today isn’t friday, but I’ve been obsessing over this the past weeks. I don’t care if monday’s blue tuesday’s grey and wednesday too thursday i don’t care about you it’s friday i’m in love monday you can fall apart tuesday wednesday break my heart thursday doesn’t even start it’s friday i’m in […]

Kings of Convenience

I bought Quiet is the New Loud when it came out, a few years ago. Obsessed over it for a while and then KoC somewhat faded into the background for me.. (I haven’t listened to Riot in an Empty Street at all). As I was walking on the street coming back from the supermarket the […]

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I finished this book this morning. I was keeping myself from crying at the end – I tend to get so emotional with books, maybe because you can imagine so much, you can make the characters be closer to you than ever. The plot makes the reader follow Oskar Schell, a really awkward nine-year-old – […]