Monthly Archives: March 2007


So, we’ve got a tv channel in Austria called goTV. It’s basically our own version of MTV, but a little better. (it is actually a music channel! unlike MTV) One of the programmes shown on the channel is called Hosted By, where a band (international or local) has an hour to show their favorite videos; […]

dimitrij/quotations of rain/the scarabeusdream

On friday was the dimitrij cd release party at Arena Dreiraum. Quite a lot of people showed up, the room with the stage was completely packed, it was great. Quotations of Rain opened; I have to say that I don’t usually listen to screamo/metalcore/hardcore/anything of the like very often, but I do enjoy going to […]

Mystery White Boy.

So I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy attending gigs and lazy enough not to review them. Today I stumbled upon this and it made me oh-so-mad, so I believed I had to do a little rant (which, by the way, no one will be reading. but. oh well.) This story starts […]