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Ausser Betrieb, #3###

We are having a show, once again. And because we are sexy, there will be a kickass opening, with live music, cheap beer, and silly jokes. Drop by tonight and take a look at some art; I’m showing a photo-series inspired by literature and named after a Bright Eyes song, just because. Ausser Betrieb #3### […]

Matias Faldbakken in Vienna.

In August 2009, as I was in Norway for a friend’s wedding, I happened to spend a couple of days in Oslo alone. Wanting to busy myself with Yet More Sightseeing, I decided to make a list of all the museums I’d never been to and select a couple of shows to go to; one […]

NeW_AiR: Abschlusspräsentation

As you might (or might have not!) gathered from hectic twitter blurbs and random posting of insanity, tonight is our final presentation of the works we have produced as part of New Experimental Ways_Artists in Residence (shortened to New Air because, you know, we’re cool.) A concert will take place at 7pm at the University […]

Other Dimensions

Yay! I’m in another group show, titled “Other Dimensions”. It’s our final presentation for a Theory course in new media we did this semester (I definitely prefer this way of finishing a series of seminars rather than written exams.. cough cough) This time I took almost no part in any of the organising, though. I’m […]