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The Executioner’s song: one step into the Abyss

I recently finished reading Norman Mailer‘s The Executioner’s Song, a scary-looking 1200-pages biography which I affectionately started calling “The Monster”. I have a history with that book, in that I borrowed it from my town library many times in Norway and fifty or one-hundred pages into the book, I would get unmotivated, annoyed by the […]

day 31; the book you might be reading next

Long books scare me. How many times have I started Norman Mailer‘s the Executioner’s Song, without ever finishing it? But my plan is ambitious, and I want to get rid of that fear of heavy books. So maybe, just maybe, Cloud Atlas or Ulysses will be next.. or, if not, then another round of an […]

day 30; the book you are currently reading

It was summer and I might have been wearing something nice, and summery. Mostly I remember the heat, my bitten lips – for a reason I can not remember now – and sitting in a park. The grass left imprints on my thighs and in his bag he was carrying a heavy book. We held […]

day 29; why was a movie made from this book?

I’ve already mentioned Roald Dahl as being one of my favorite authors as a child. So obviously, I’d read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and when it was time for the Tim Burton movie to be out in the cinemas, I stupidly thought it could be good. What a big mistake! I found it pretentious […]