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On unresolved resolutions

January is everyone’s time for New Year’s resolutions and looking back at the year that just passed. It is a month for pretending that we can all stick to lists and decisions, though the more we advance into the month, the harder it is to do so. The truth is that we all want to […]

Grow Up With Me

It’s been (more or less) exactly a year since I got back from Finland, since my 6-month poetry workshop, since I fell in love with my typewriter again. When I was a child, apart from an astronaut, I wanted to be a poet; it was my biggest dream. So no wonder that when I first […]


I’ve got the most wonderful crush on Richard Siken‘s poetry. I discovered him last year, or the year before last, and have completely dipped my heart and soul into his amazing little book Crush (how fitting). His style is so heavy and tragic, but playful and light at the same time; it completely destroys any […]

Orivesi: first impressions

Second day in Finland. I guess I am still alive, though today was so intense – and truly so intense – that I did not have a second to myself until now since I boarded the plane in Vienna on Monday morning. After a short break at the Helsinki train station and a couple of […]