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The Executioner’s song: one step into the Abyss

I recently finished reading Norman Mailer‘s The Executioner’s Song, a scary-looking 1200-pages biography which I affectionately started calling “The Monster”. I have a history with that book, in that I borrowed it from my town library many times in Norway and fifty or one-hundred pages into the book, I would get unmotivated, annoyed by the […]

It’s all about hardcore

Last year, I was lucky enough to meet Giulio Squillacciotti, an artist and movie-maker originally from Rome, Italy, which is also where I’m from. I didn’t meet him at a hipster art party nor did I meet him in a well-hidden, underground hardcore club – I actually got to know him accidentally, a couple of […]

Sound It Out

The week before last, I watched Sound It Out, the documentary about the very last record store in Teesside in the UK. I was a little curious, as I’d heard and read enthusiastic reviews of the movie, describing it as “heart-warming” and “hilarious”, and so I built up some expectations, imagining over-the-top romanticism, a plot […]

I’ll learn to live again.

There are a couple of musicians that always make me feel better in the worst of weathers and one of them is Luke Leighfield. I have a shirt that reads, “University taught me nothing that I couldn’t read on Wikipedia” and though it’s not quite true it’s a good way to laugh when I’m feeling […]