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Smells like Nirvana covers

One of my favorite memories related to Nirvana is being in a record store in London; it was my first time in that city and it must have been in 2000. I’d recently moved away from France and my English and German weren’t that good, but good enough for me to swoon over all of […]

On Black Stars and True Love.

Back in my youth, in the days of Buckley obsession, I also fell hard for Radiohead‘s The Bends. Somehow, when I was 12 or 13, that record felt perfect from beginning to end; not a single track to be kept aside and thrown out. Albums like the Bends or Grace (or, more recently, Hospice and […]

On Time Capsules and Emotional Rock

In the same way a synesthete will immediately associate a number with a color, a sound with a feeling or a letter with a gender, it’s rare for me not to associate a song (or sometimes an album, or a band) with a particular person. Sometimes memories and people overlap and numerous friends, acquaintances, figures […]

Video of the Week #59

I really, really used to like Bright Eyes. No, I used to love Bright Eyes. They shaped part of my teenagerhood and were there to relieve most of my heartbreaks; they also played a big part in self-introspection, even though they hardly ever gave me hope. One of the songs that did, though, is Bowl […]