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Fail Whale Sweetness

I love chocolate cake. I’ll shoo away a three-layer cream monster anytime for a very basic, intense chocolate cake; it took me years to find the perfect recipe. People seem to believe that chocolate cakes have to be extremely sweet, but they really don’t have to be. This recipe of mine is adapted from a […]

A Quarter of a Century

Last Sunday was my birthday. The plan was to have a picnic, but given the whiny weather, we had to lock ourselves up inside. There was way too much cake for anyone’s good (Rainbow-Cake courtesy of a panda,  marble cake courtesy of a messenger bird, and chocolate cake made by AH). We celebrated with lots […]

2010: My Year in Pictures

This was a long, heavy, exhausting year. It started with tears and bitterness and fighting against the current, drowned into work and sleeplessness, exploded like 14 Juillet fireworks, climbed back up from the point of non-return, and did something wonderful to my heart. I’ve lost friends, made friends, learned many things, made terrible mistakes, let […]

Buried in Snow

I buried a cookie jar full of mini-cakes on my balcony; yes, that’s how snowy it is around here. Seriously now, since today I am officially on holiday, meaning I’ll be doing over the next couple of days all of the Christmas baking I wasn’t able to do beforehand. I’m absolutely excited about this already.