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A childhood recipe: Strawberry Spring Risotto

Hello. This very cute kid in the photograph below, attempting to build a sandcastle on a beach on the French Riviera in autumn in the early nineties, happens to be me. There are quite a few things I recall from those times: the constant physical assaults on and from my little sister (siblings are the […]

Fail Whale Sweetness

I love chocolate cake. I’ll shoo away a three-layer cream monster anytime for a very basic, intense chocolate cake; it took me years to find the perfect recipe. People seem to believe that chocolate cakes have to be extremely sweet, but they really don’t have to be. This recipe of mine is adapted from a […]

Potato and Leek Soup

Two days ago we experienced a temperature drop of more than 10°C; considering it’s early October, this was bound to happen eventually. And yet, I found myself unprepared, having moved all of my winter clothes to my parents’ house. After making a trip over there to grab scarves, hats, mittens, and woolen sweaters and getting […]

A Quarter of a Century

Last Sunday was my birthday. The plan was to have a picnic, but given the whiny weather, we had to lock ourselves up inside. There was way too much cake for anyone’s good (Rainbow-Cake courtesy of a panda,  marble cake courtesy of a messenger bird, and chocolate cake made by AH). We celebrated with lots […]