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I’m permanently black and blue

Yes, I’m out in the snow and yes, I’m still blogging. For obvious reasons, today’s song shall be Bruises, by Chairlift. A catchy bit of absolute goodness, which makes me want to jump on my bed every single time I hear it. The song is about falling in love and getting noticed by your crush. […]

As the flashes blinded us, in the photobooth.

Side-tracking from my usual, stick-to-the-topic blogging… I found the photobooth again yesterday. I thought they’d removed it from its usual place for the winter, but they just placed it in the main courtyard of Museumsquartier. Hence: PHOTO-ATTACK. (I apologise in advance for this) Trivia of the day: Photobooth by Death Cab for Cutie was one […]

Holiday Spirit

It’s official, it’s December, so I can spend all the time I want drinking Gl├╝hwein (hot wine with spices), wearing Santa hats (okay, or maybe not – I’ll settle for this purple knitted hat by Windprincess), making Christmas cards & decorations, spraying my windows with fake snow and making snowmen on my balcony. Christmas seriously […]

What we wanted

I’m doomed to writing only video entries until the tapping of my keyboard stops hammering into my head as if I was at a metal concert headbanging. I hate having the flu, because 1) it’s such a useless thing 2) it really gets me behind on stuff, I’m 3x slower than usual and3) I can’t […]