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Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You

With the temperatures over here dropping dramatically, it’s difficult to imagine a cosy place that isn’t near a camp fire or a radiator; I’ve already quite forgotten about the comfortable warmth of early Autumn dusk and yet, this Ice Cream session in a backyard, courtesy of Tune Parade, manages to bring back some memories of […]

Asleep In The Fold

Wickerbird’s video The Fold takes us on visual journey through fields and woods. Accompanied by a quiet child, we’ve seen landscapes like these before, maybe because Sigur Rós took us there and so did Bon Iver, but this is slightly different. The steps we follow through neighbourhoods are beautifully uneasy like a baby’s first steps, […]

I Haven’t Eaten in Days

With the release of Sun, some of us have started to miss the old Cat Power. Her gorgeous bangs (I’ve given up on having mine perfect like hers) and beautifully sensual voice did make many a girl jealous. But worry not, dearest readers, for here’s Candice Gordon whose music is quite possibly looking to compete […]

It’s all about hardcore

Last year, I was lucky enough to meet Giulio Squillacciotti, an artist and movie-maker originally from Rome, Italy, which is also where I’m from. I didn’t meet him at a hipster art party nor did I meet him in a well-hidden, underground hardcore club – I actually got to know him accidentally, a couple of […]