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About Today.

Some things end in the weirdest way, with no warning signs and nothing that really falls apart; like slipping out of your own skin, looking at someone’s back fading into the distance, and somehow knowing it’s over. And once the years pass and accidentally you see that person again, you realise it couldn’t really have […]

And it is Easter in town.

Easter always catches me at a bad time; though I appreciate the days off – it really does seem like the whole world stops turning for a while, a bit like in the aftermath of hectic Christmas shopping – my family has never been one to celebrate with Easter egg hunts and joyfully long Sunday […]

the bittersweetness of break-ups

And I’m not talking about love, here. Yes, love break-ups are sad, but eventually you get over it. Whereas a band not existing anymore (and 15 years later getting back together to make some extra cash, but that’s another story..) is utterly unbearable. Especially when they make amazing music and feel real, like Thousandaires. I […]

melodically hardcore heart

Every day I am reminded of the huge amount of talent I am surrounded by; out of all my friends who play in bands, C is one of those I admire most. Mainly because of his passion of freedom,  of his enthusiasm when speaking of biking and travelling and books and love; through months, years […]